Important Guest Information


We welcome young families but do have to point out that we have a large duck pond that is not entirely fenced, and could represent a danger to a toddler. Our dogs are very friendly but are very much free-range – it is their home! The gardens are also very much “unbounded” and the opportunity to wander off to explore in an unsupervised few moments cannot be under-stated.

Infirm / Limited Mobility Guests

Our guest bedrooms are on the first floor, up an old, wide set of slightly uneven wooden stairs with a single bannister on the right as one ascends.
There is a downstairs loo, but it is quite a walk from the guest sitting room along a flagstoned passageway.

The floors are uneven – flagstones and floorboards. It is a very old house and we are very much beholden to its quirky nature! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

It is very dark and quiet here at night. We light our pathways with abundant coloured lights and candle lanterns if you should arrive with us after nightfall.


Please note – dogs attract an additional charge per night.
Here at Wickton, we have 3 resident, friendly, often muddy dogs; Boot, an unusually large Springer Spaniel – (we think there is some foxhound in his bloodline) and his 2 buddies, Bob and Bert, young Norfolk Terrier brothers who adore people- and assume all people adore them….and a very feisty young black cat called Puss who chases dogs and does play with the Norfolks as they are of a similar size.
We appreciate that dogs are very important members of the family and bringing them away for a few days break is an all-round treat!
Like anything in life, some things are more appropriate than others, and for us, the following guidelines will help you decide whether or not this is the place to come….
We do not allow our own dogs’ upstairs for several reasons; we have pale coloured carpets along the landing and in the 4 Poster Suite and as all 3 dogs are hairy, they are prone to be muddy which seems to be unavoidable even after being hosed down!
At night, they sleep in the laundry or the in flagstoned passageway and stay there until breakfast is over.
They do join us in an area adjacent to the kitchen when I am not preparing food and will come and lie by the fire in the panelled room on occasions, but due to the young, exuberant nature of the Norfolks, this is tempered with the knowledge that leaping around can be annoying!
We do have guests whose dogs are small or medium sized and short-haired who stay in the bedrooms with their owners and everyone has been happy, but we cannot allow dogs to be left alone in the bedrooms. It is preferred that they stay in the car, or perhaps join our dogs if appropriate when you are unable to be with them. We also have to respect any other guests who do not have a pet with them, but as we advertise the fact that there are resident animals we must assume that everyone who comes here is comfortable with being in a house with furry things!
The hens and cockerel do not enjoy being chased and it puts them off laying the eggs for breakfast! Similarly, the ducks will often graze on the lawns around the house. The sheep in the orchard are obviously not to be pursued and there will be lambs too in spring.
The garden is not fenced and opens on to arable and stock farmland – no danger of cars, but if your dog is prone to running off, the temptation could prove too much, given half a chance! Our neighbouring farm has sheep and cattle and there are deer often to be seen grazing in the fields.
If all the above sounds as if you and your dog can happily cooperate with this guidance, Wickton and its surroundings are doggy – heaven, with fabulous walks from the door and we can give you ideas for pubs where you can eat with your dog at your feet. We are definitely a muddy boots and muddy paws sort of house, but like to keep them to the flagstoned parts where a mop and bucket come into their own!
For guests who are staying us whilst their pet is receiving treatment at the nearby Eye Veterinary Hospital , please call to discuss your needs.