Food and Drink at Wickton

We have found that it is an attraction that we provide evening meals here at Wickton, and as well as normal evening meals for our B&B guests, we have recently started a Supper Club, the dates for which will be published in advance together with the menu.
As a B&B guest, there is something comforting to know that you haven’t got to get in the car and go out again on the evening you arrive.

We do not offer a choice, but a conversation before your arrival means we have a good idea of your likes and dislikes, and the meals will respect the information you share.
Where ever possible, from a county that prides itself on a wide and diverse agricultural nature, the food we offer needs very little embellishment! Why ruin good Herefordshire Beef with fluff and froth- having said that, it does marry very well with local ale, such as Butty Bach from Wye Valley Brewery. Herefordshire potatoes can be presented in many guises – including gnocchi! so will appear more often than couscous or pasta.
The bread we offer is proper bread from artisan bakers – most often, Peter Cooks Bread, from his nearby bakery, that offers courses to gain the skills. I would, but prefer to bow to his expertise!35722
Bacon and sausages have received bad press of late – and justifiably so – if you look at the rubbish that pass themselves off as such. Ours come from either Legges of Bromyard or our other local butchers, including those in Ludlow, who do the real thing. Proper smoked bacon, proper sausages with fresh seasonings and inventive inclusions, such as plums, and obviously apples from the Herefordshire orchards – sit beautifully with local reared outdoor pork…
Our homemade cakes and pastries will never contain that horrid margarine stuff, and we have a top range American masticating juicer that makes the most wonderful juice from the abundant apple and pears from the Wickton orchards in the autumn , or for small additional charge, organic green juices to go with breakfast ( with fore-warning) .A speciality is a fig and banana bread baked in the morning for breakfast, containing no sugar or butter “… figgy banana bread to die for…” and a request for his wife to make as soon as they got home!
We are not licensed here at Wickton, so you are free to bring your own alcoholic beverages – we can recommend a trip to the very local Chase Distillery and bring back a bottle or two of their magnificent vodkas or gin ( we can supply the tonic – Feverfew – no less – at a little extra on the bill) On the lane out towards the Chase Distillery, you will pass a local cider producer, Butfords, and a vineyard, Broadfield Court, so you can pick up some of their produce too.
Finally – a very basic provision – water. This comes to us from a very deep bore hole – crystal clear, Herefordshire water. Not a hint of chlorine or fluoride!